Krista & Trevor

The Hamiltons Photography

We are Maternity and Family Photographers based out of Kimberley, British Columbia. We are also a husband and wife wedding photography and videography team. We look forward to hearing from you about your photography inquiries.

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Trevor&Krista_1+-+Details-4 Large

Trevor&Krista_1+-+Details-6 Large

Trevor&Krista_2+-+Getting+Ready-6 Large

Trevor&Krista_2+-+Getting+Ready-100 Large

Trevor&Krista_3+-+Ceremony-3 Large

Trevor&Krista_3+-+Ceremony-81 Large

Trevor&Krista_5+-+Bridal+Portraits-34 Large

Trevor&Krista_5+-+Bridal+Portraits-175 Large

Trevor&Krista_5+-+Bridal+Portraits-205 Large

Trevor&Krista_5+-+Bridal+Portraits-206 Large

Trevor&Krista_5+-+Bridal+Portraits-213 Large

Trevor&Krista_6+-+Reception-6 Large

Trevor&Krista_6+-+Reception-28 Large

Trevor&Krista_6+-+Reception-137 Large

Trevor&Krista_7+-+Sunset+Portraits-5 Large

Trevor&Krista_7+-+Sunset+Portraits-19 Large

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