Kelsey & Chris

Nicole Bridgeo

My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and to create images that you will love. I want you to exist in photos for your family. This is for you and all the people you love. Portraits are a legacy and your family will thank you. I hope to meet you and capture your story.

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171A5413 Medium

171A5420 Medium

171A5448 Medium

171A5502 Medium

171A5514 Medium

171A5516 Medium

171A5526 Medium

171A5659 Medium

171A5671 Medium

171A5672 Medium

171A5674 Medium

171A5680 Medium

171A5682 Medium

171A5740 Medium

171A5755 Medium

171A5756 Medium

171A5758 Medium

171A5762 Medium

171A5837 Medium

171A5842 Medium

171A5843 Medium

171A5848 Medium

171A5899 Medium

171A5927 Medium

171A5929 Medium

171A6681 Medium

171A6687 Medium

171A6711 Medium

171A6717 Medium

171A6726 Medium

171A6737 Medium

171A6740 Medium

171A6747 Medium

171A6747-2 Medium

171A6749-2 Medium

171A6754 Medium

171A6766 Medium

171A6782 Medium

171A6784 Medium

171A6789 Medium

171A6790 Medium

171A6805 Medium

171A6825 Medium

171A6828 Medium

171A6831 Medium

171A6840 Medium

171A6843 Medium

171A6849 Medium

171A6859 Medium

171A6861 Medium

171A6876 Medium

171A6878 Medium

171A6895 Medium

171A6917 Medium

171A6941 Medium

171A6944 Medium

171A6948 Medium

171A6949 Medium

171A6952 Medium

171A6956 Medium

171A6958 Medium

171A6960 Medium

171A6965 Medium

171A6974 Medium

171A6978 Medium

171A6981 Medium

171A6984 Medium

171A6985 Medium

171A7011 Medium

171A7013 Medium

171A7041 Medium

171A7043 Medium

171A7347 Medium

171A7376 Medium

171A7384 Medium

171A7404 Medium

171A7417 Medium

171A7464 Medium

171A7468 Medium

171A7472 Medium

171A7491 Medium

171A7501 Medium

171A7515 Medium

171A7529 Medium

171A7535 Medium

171A7541 Medium

171A7546 Medium

171A7549 Medium

171A7556 Medium

171A7560 Medium

171A69232 Medium

171A69233 Medium

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